“Search out the new lows, not the new highs” Peter Cundill

“Those of us buying cheap inventory realise the bargains are found in the sales flyers and the new lows lists, not in highfliers and $12 per pound Delmonico steaks” Christopher Browne

“The first thing I always check is the new low lists, lowest book, lowest P/E etc. That attracts me more than the new high list” Li Lu

"There are widely available means of improving the likelihood of finding mispriced securities.  Looking at stocks on the Wall Street Journal's leading percentage-decline and new-low lists, for example, occasionally turns up an out-of-favor investment idea" Seth Klarman

“Like most value investors, we’re regularly looking at the 52 week lows and at companies generating negative headlines” Vinson Walden

“Barron’s publishes a list of new weekly lows every Saturday. These lists of new lows are a good starting point in the search for value” Christopher Browne

“Looking at the new lows and new highs informs you of market sentiment. It’s not a high-tech way of looking for ideas, but it’s one way of assessing the market that has worked for us for decades” Thomas Kahn

“Probably my best source of new ideas is the most-down list among our internal holdings” Jim Larkins

“The single best starting place for us is screening for stocks with the greatest percentage declines and/or trading near 52 week lows” Andrew Jones

"Our most important source of potential ideas is what we call our Daily Downtrodden list, which essentially tracks the stocks with recent large percentage declines"  James Kieffer

"I get Value Line.  I look at their 52 week lows. I look at their stocks that have lost the most value in 13 weeks, the lowest P/E stocks.  I;m just trying to look through all of those to see if anything percolates through." Mohnish Pabrai

"Look at companies selling at new lows"  Walter Schloss

"Keep tabs on stock prices posting new lows. This list changes every day. Low stock prices should never trigger automatic buy signals. For some of these companies, more dismal days lie ahead. But, in the course of my career, few days have passed when the new low list has not included one or two solid companies worth investigating. The goal is to find earnings growth capable of capturing the market's attention of capturing the market's attention once the climate shifts" John Neff