“I would feel somewhat better qualified to speak on self-discipline if I weighed about 20 pounds less, but — (laughter) — for the moment we’ll ignore that.” Warren Buffett, BRK 2003

Only when you combine sound intellect with emotional discipline do you get rational behaviour” Warren Buffett

“In making investments, I have always believed that you must act with discipline whenever you see something you truly like.” Li Lu

“Value investing requires deep reservoirs of patience and discipline” Seth Klarman

“Portfolio managers need perspective, discipline and patience.”   Dan Davidowitz

“The most important thing in investments is not having a high IQ, thank God. I mean, the important thing is realism and discipline. And you don’t need to be extraordinarily bright to do well in investments, if you are realistic and disciplined.” Warren Buffett

“We exercise patience and discipline to only invest in exceptional opportunities” Allan Mechum

"You need ruthless discipline" Stanley Druckenmiller

“It’s not a complicated process, but it definitely requires discipline.” Warren Buffett

“More than 60 years of experience has taught us that successful investing requires patience, discipline and the ability to control one’s emotions.” Chris Davis

“Great investment managers are disciplined maniacs” Barton Biggs

“It’s not a business that requires extraordinary intellect. It does require extraordinarydiscipline.” Warren Buffett

“Sensible investors avoid fads, behaving in a disciplined, independent fashion” David Swenson

“The most important thing in the market, as in almost any endeavor, is discipline” Arnold Van Den Berg

“You must have the discipline and temperament to resist your impulses. Human beings have precisely the wrong instincts when it comes to the markets.” Walter Schloss

“Selectivity and discipline is so important in everything we do” Mark Attanasio

“When you are a serious risk taker, you need to be disciplined” George Soros

"An investor cannot obtain superior profits from stocks by simply committing to a specific investment category or style. He can earn them only by carefully evaluating facts and continuously exercising discipline." Warren Buffett

“The best way to measure your investing success is not by whether you’re beating the market but by whether you’ve put in place a financial plan and a behavioral discipline that are likely to get you where you want to go.” Benjamin Graham

“In essence, healthy investor behavior means being disciplined, patient and unemotional” Chris Davis

"Every successful manager has some kind of an edge. That's how you get to be a successful manager. It's important to remain completely focused on taking advantage of that edge, and maintaining discipline" Israel Englander

"Be a disciplined rational investor. Follow logic and analysis rather than sales pitches, whims, or emotion" Ed Thorp

“[You must] have the discipline to stay with your strategy when the market tests your confidence, as it inevitably will.” Leon Levy

"By being both a highly disciplined buyer to ensure that you hold bargains and a highly disciplined seller to ensure you don't continue to own things as full price - you will be in the right frame of mind." Seth Klarman

“The key I think for all investors is discipline and risk control.” Daniel Davidowitz