“But above all, my job is to make money” Hugh Hendry  

“Your job as a trader is to make the line go from bottom left to top right. That’s it.  If the line goes down to much or too long, you were wrong.”  Steve Clark

“The point of investing, after all, is not to have a great story to tell, the point of investing is to make money with limited risk” Seth Klarman

“In investing, you are not trying to make the world a better place; you are trying to make money” James Dinan

“First, you have to have good returns.  It’s not complicated”  Marc Lasry

“You can’t be a great money manager unless you have good numbers.  When I look at the list of forty or so hedge funds in which I invest at the end of every month, I look at their numbers.  I don’t care what they say about why they did well or didn’t do well”  Michael Steinhardt

"It's nice and even good public relations to talk fast and sound smart, but basically our investors don't care a whit how articulate and well-informed we are.  They care about the numbers" Barton Biggs

“Our goal is to make money, or at least to preserve capital, on every investment.” David Einhorn

“I do what’s right for the portfolio – whatever will maximize its returns” Dan Loeb

“The concept of paying one-hundred-and-something times earnings for any company for me is just anathema. Having said that, at the end of the day, your job is to buy what goes up and to sell what goes down so really who gives a damn about PE’s?”  Paul Tudor-Jones

“If I have dramatically misjudged the free cash flows of companies or the safety of their balance sheets, then I shouldn’t be in business. Over the long term, your performance record will tell you that.”  Bruce Berkowitz

"Managing money is about one thing: performance." Barton Biggs

“There are roughly 10,000 mutual funds that will manage your money for 1% or less and there are roughly 10,000 hedge funds that have the audacity to ask for 1-2% management fees and 20% of the profits. Our clients have a right to expect more because they are paying more.” Leon Cooperman

"The investment community is like the track and field people.  If your stocks go up, they went up period.  It does not matter whether you went to high school, wear the right suit, or play golf well.  It is the same way with the 100-metre dash.  If you run faster than anybody else, no one cares anything about you except that you ran it faster than everyone else"  Jim Rogers

"Most investment managers adopt two goals: (1) to earn a good return on their holdings and (2) to keep their clients happy.  I have only one goal: to earn high returns.  If I earn high returns (without taking large risks of permanent loss), then my clients likely will be happy" Ed Wachenheim

"We are very focussed on performance, we are not in the fee generating business, we’re in the performance business” Leon Cooperman

“For me the bottom line is all that mattered.  I needed to give my clients spectacular performance” Michael Steinhardt

"I assumed a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders. In exchange for their capital, I made a commitment to give them the best return possible of their investment. That was my primary obligation. Nothing stood before that." Sam Zell

"What we and our investors appreciate and seek is rate of return" Paul Singer