Michael Steinhardt  ‘Gross return of over 30 per cent per year for 28 years’

George Soros  ‘The fund grew from about $4 million at inception to nearly $2 billion, mostly internally generated. Original investors saw the value of their shares multiply 300-fold. No investment fund has ever produced comparable results’

Leon Levy ‘Averaged 28 per cent annual returns during Odyssey’s fourteen year life’

Warren Buffett ‘Annualised return of 19.4% for 50 years’

Charlie Munger 'Average annual compounded return of 19.8% from 1962 to 1975'

Stanley Druckenmiller ‘30 years, no losses. $1,000 invested 30 years ago would be worth $2.6 million [over 31% per annum] before taxes today versus $27,000 for the S&P500’

Dan Loeb ‘Annualised gross return above 20% over nearly 20 years since inception’

John Burbank 'Annualised net return above 18% since inception in 2000 through 2015 vs S&P500 4.6%'

Bill Ackman ‘Annualised gross return of 27.7% from inception in 2004 to 2014’

Shelby Davis ‘compounded at 23% for decades’

Shelby Davis Jnr ‘compounded at 19% for over a decade’

Walter Schloss ‘Returns of 20% per year for 47 years’

Seth Klarman ‘net 17% annualised return over more than three decades’

Howard Marks ‘Aggregate gross IRR of 19.9% over nearly two decades’

Joel Greenblatt ‘Annualised return of 50% from 1985 to 1995’

Peter Brandt ‘Average annualised return for active trading years 1981-1995 over 50% per annum’

Bruce Berkowitz ‘compounded at 11.8% net between 1999 and 2014 vs S&P500 4.3%’

David Einhorn ‘Annualised return of 18.9% net of fees 1996 to 2014’

Paul Tudor Jones ‘Tudor Futures Fund never had a loss and compounded at 27.2% through July 2010 since founding in September 1984”

Peter Lynch ‘Annualised rate of return of 29.2% over his 12 year stint at the helm of Fidelity’s flagship Magellan Fund’

Peter Cundill ’15.2% compounded return over 33 years’

Paul Singer ‘compound annual return of 14% net for over 36 years’

David Abrams ‘returned 15% annual return since inception in 1999’

Mohnish Pabrai 'compounded at 25.7% per year over 18 years'

Bruce Kovner 'Over 28 years, we produced profits of more than $12 billion after all fees, and achieved a compound rate of return of more than 21%.  We did this with low volatility and only one small down year'

Francois Rochon 'compounded annual return of 16.3% since 1993 versus 9.0% for the benchmark'

Ed Wachenheim 'Over the past 25 years, accounts that we manage have achieved average annual returns of very close to 19%'

Lou Simpson 'beat the S&P by an average annual gain of 6.8% over twenty five years"